I have stopped taking large custom orders that need to be finished in time for Christmas. I can still take them for later completion dates. 


To get a custom piece started please message me from the home page. 


For a piece that starts at $500 you can expect these design elements:

  • Any lake that you would like, and the name of the lake in a font of your choosing. 
  • Your lake house location will have a marker, typically a star, heart, or little house.
  • Your last name and the compass will be more decorative at this price point.  
  • In an open space you can add an additional design that fits your style. For example, bears to match your cabin's decor, or a wood burned portrait of your boat.
  • Add a few of your favorite spots on the lake to swim or dine. 
  • A wood burned design framing your piece, typically a stick or rope design. 
  • A painted or stained wooden frame.
  • Towns, creeks, and bluffs will be labeled. 
  • At least two additional personalized elements. For example, 

an image that represents your interests, or an inside story. 

  • This piece is generally 2x3 ft.


All Custom Orders can expect a thorough conversation of your vision. We will work together on a mock up, and you will be included in the designing process. Once we agree on the mock up, 50% of the payment will be due. I send photos of the piece when it is sketched and as I am working on it. Once I send a high quality photo of the finished piece the last 50% of the payment will be due. If you are in the Springfield Missouri area we can meet for no extra cost. If the piece is being shipped the shipping cost will be added to the second payment. 


I do not accept returns. We work closely while the map is being made, and concerns should be voiced before sending the piece. 

Should there be any damage due to shipping we will work out how to fix the issues. 

Custom Large Lake Maps: $500 & up

  • Meeting in the Springfield area is no extra cost. If the item is shipped, the cost of shipping will be added to the second payment.


    Once shipped, I do not accept returns. Should there be any damage while shipping, we will work out how to rectify the situation.