No More Orders will make it before Christmas. I have stopped taking any custom orders that need to be made with a Christmas Deadline. 


These make perfect Christmas Presents!! They are $15 a piece. Bulk orders may recieve a discount if the detail stays simplistic.


These are 2 1/2 inch wide. I added a hole and yarn to make them Christmas tree ornaments. This price includes a simplified version of your pet to the shoulders on one side and a name on the other. 


I can make more detailed ones as the size of the slice gets larger. Message me for larger projects so we can discuss details of the project and decide your price point. 


Message me at to begin your puppy portrait.

Puppy Wood Slice Portraits

  • If you are local, in Springfield Mo, pickup from 5360 S Campbell Ave is no extra charge.


    Once shipped, I do not accept returns. Should there be any damage while shipping, we will work out how to rectify the situation.​​​​​​​